A Letter To Our Complete Legal Plan Member

    A Letter To Our Complete Legal Plan Member

    Dear Complete Legal Plan Member,

    No one can see into the future and no one knows when they are going to need legal help. But, as a Complete Legal Plan Member, you do know when the need arises you have quick and easy access to a nationwide network of experienced attorneys who provide “FREE” and discounted legal services to all Plan Members. Knowing that the Legal Services Plan is there for you when you need it provides peace of mind.

    When you need a lawyer…“Who you gonna call?”

    Not a member yet? Just email Complete Legal Plan at  info@completelegalplan.com and we’ll get you started. Complete Legal Plan is here to help.

    Already a member? If you have questions about the features and benefits of the Plan or need legal help, just call the Plan Administrator at (800) 493-5765.”

    slide-lawyer-5.pngIt’s also true that no one can predict those “rainy days” when a little extra cash on hand would be so helpful.

    Now and then your Complete Legal Plan Team comes across an idea we want to share with our Members. Here’s one! Please take a less than one minute and read the following on how to prepare for those inevitable and unpredictable “rainy days”. We hope you find it useful.

    Preparation pays! Although we can’t predict the future, we all know that when life’s “bumps in the road” come our way, it is ALWAYS better to be prepared. Having a “stash” of cash helps us deal with those “surprises”….. good and bad. Let’s start building your stash.

    Setting aside just $10 a week will add up to $520 in a year. Double that amount each week and, before you know it, you will have over $1,000 on hand when you need it. Between $500 and $1,000 is almost always enough to cover a car repair bill or other genuine emergencies. Having your stash handy will also keep you from having to borrow or beg. No calls to your favorite brother-in-law or other family members or friends! No more expensive loans!

    Figure out the amount of money you want to set aside for an emergency. We suggest you start with $520 (or $10 each week). Write the amount down! Divide it by 52. The result is how much you will save each week. As you develop the savings habit you can increase your goal and the weekly amount a little bit at a time. Stick with this plan no matter what.

    You ask, “Where should I keep my stash?” Great question! Not under your mattress or in the cookie jar. Put it where you can’t touch it easily. A regular savings account at a bank works. Just be sure you can get your money out at any time without a penalty.

    The hardest part of saving is “sticking with it”. What will keep you going? Keeping in mind how much better you will feel as your stash grows and grows. But, always remember….it is for EMERGENCIES ONLY…not party time.

    Your Complete Legal Plan Team

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