Can I change my attorney and how often?

Yes. As often as you like, without limit.

Must I always use the attorney referred to me?

No. You may change your initially referred attorney for any reason, at any time, and make use of as many attorneys in the network as you like.

How close will my attorney be to my home or office?

In all cases we will refer the member to an attorney for the appropriate law specialty as close to their home or office as possible – generally within 30 miles. It is well worth the trip if a member can save thousands of dollars; however, a great deal of the legal care required by members can be handled over the phone, fax and/or by email. Items such as document review, consultations and Free simple wills are perfect examples.

Do plan attorneys have to take my case?

No. A plan attorney, after providing you with a free consultation may determine that your particular legal issue does not warrant any further action. If you disagree with the plan attorney, feel free to call Complete Legal Plan for another attorney referral for another legal opinion. You may do this as often as you like. In other cases, the law firm or attorney you were referred to may simply be too busy to give your situation the proper attention it deserves. If this happens, they have been instructed to have you call Complete Legal Plan for a new referral.

Can plan attorney ask me for a retainer?

Yes they can. Upon completion of a free consultation, you and your attorney may decide to proceed with further legal action. This could require a substantial amount of hours being spent on your case by your plan attorney. If such a situation arises, your plan attorney may ask for a retainer based on the estimated number of hours he or she thinks the case will take. As a plan member the retainer will be calculated using the rate of $125.00 per hour, or 40% off the attorney’s usual and customary hourly rate, whichever is greater.

What can’t I use the plan for?

The services of your attorney can not be used to adversely affect your employer, the referral-member or agent who sold you this program or Complete Legal Plan of America.

Is this plan insurance?

No. Our plan is a Group Legal Service program that is not insurance in any of the 50 states.

Who Would Provide Customer Service For Enrolled Members?

Complete Legal Plan will handle all customer service and administrative functions with support of a legal team. New members will receive a welcome call outlining the benefits, terms and conditions of the legal plan to ensure they are clear on how to access benefits and process claims.

Is Member In Contact With The Attorney Directly?

Yes. A member’s questions relating to their Legal Plan will be directed to our legal team’s customer service department first. All legal documents must be directed to Complete Legal Plan immediately. Upon receipt of a member’s request, the member will then be assigned an attorney to assist them.

How Long Does Work Last On A Legal Issue?

Until the case is resolved – there are NO time limits. Your Complete Legal Plan account manager will be the liaison between the Member and the assigned Attorney. Members are encouraged to maintain contact and open communication with their assigned attorney.