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Nationwide Network


Complete Legal Plan provides members with access to a nationwide network of plan attorneys who provide free and discounted legal care for over 1 million families. As a member you are entitled to a referral to a plan attorney to handle your legal needs when the unexpected happens.

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Free Legal Services


The most common legal services are available for Free with your membership. Plan attorneys will provide consultations, document review, will and living will preparation, consultation for a small claims court appearance, write letters and make phone calls on your behalf and solve problems with government programs such as INS and Welfare. These services are delivered online or through a local attorney.

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Special Legal Services


Complete Legal Plan’s Special Legal Services are only available by referral from an affiliate company. Complete Legal Plan services give you security and peace of mind knowing that if you are sued, the attorney’s fees associated with representing and defending you in that law suit are covered….they will be paid by Complete Legal Plan. Attorney representation helps ensure that your legal rights are protected and appropriate defenses are asserted. 

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Discounted Legal Services


The plan offers commonly used legal services for which plan attorneys have agreed to charge a one-time, deeply discounted fee. Bar Rules may require plan attorneys to ask for a small retainer from the Member prior to providing some of the free Legal Services in order to make the attorney liable for his/her advice. Please refer to the Discounted Legal Services section of the Benefits tab.

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Services Provided

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[/wm_item][wm_item title=”Living WIll”]
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[/wm_item][wm_item title=”Legal Writing”]
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*In certain situations, attorney liability may require plan attorneys to ask for a retainer from the member prior to providing some of the free Legal Services.

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  • Initial phone consultations for each new legal matter (no time limit)

[/wm_text_block][/wm_item][wm_item title=”Document Review” icon=”icon-docs”][wm_text_block]

  • Review of independent legal documents (6 page maximum per document, no limit to the number of new independent documents)

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  • Initial face to face consultations for each new legal matter (no time limit)

[/wm_text_block][/wm_item][wm_item title=”Simple Wills” icon=”icon-file-word”][wm_text_block]

  • Plan attorneys will prepare a free Simple Will for you and your family, as well as update the Will annually for free. Alternatively, members have access to a more comprehensive and customized web based Simple Will

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  • A state specific, web based, free Living Will form is available to Members. This form can be notarized by a Notary Public.

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  • Plan attorneys will help Members represent themselves in small claims court

[/wm_text_block][/wm_item][wm_item title=”Welfare” icon=”icon-bank”][wm_text_block]

  • Assistance in solving problems with government programs, such as INS and welfare

[/wm_text_block][/wm_item][wm_item title=”Legal Writing” icon=”icon-pencil”][wm_text_block]

  • When deemed appropriate by your plan attorney, he or she will write letters on your behalf (one letter per legal matter, with no limit on the number of new legal matters)

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  • When deemed appropriate by your plan attorney, he or she will make phone calls on your behalf (one phone call per legal matter, with no limit on the number of new legal matters)

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